Witch Hazel

Hamemelis vernalis

Family: Hamamelidaceae
Perennial shrub or small tree.  Native to the Missouri Ozarks.  The leaves make an astringent and haemostatic wash for wounds and varicosities.  Excellent as a sitz bath for post-partum tears or perineal stitches. Cultivation:  This is some of the prettiest seed we’ve ever seen--elongated and shiny black. Sow seed in very sandy soil in fall or very early spring.  Requires at least 8 weeks of cold conditioning before it will sprout.  Very vigorous seedlings should be grown out for a year in gallon pots before transplanting to the landscape.  Prefers dryish, sandy or even rocky soil, partial shade to full sun, with moderate watering.  Grows from 9 to 15 feet tall at maturity. 

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